Born Sinless

Joachim and Anne.  Parents of a child conceived without sin.  The smug in me might like to think, oh, fortunate Joachim and raise a child without sin!  But a moment of reflection reminds me that Joachim and Anne battled sin.  Just like me.  Just like all of us. Would I trade places?

What might that be like?  While the idea of my own children being sinless sounds so...peaceful; the idea my children being sinless and me still in my present state...sounds...disastrous.

Such a high calling for Joachim and Anne.  Little Mary, always sweet, always obedient, always kind.  Joachim and Anne, sometimes tired from toil, sometimes anxious about their future, sometimes perhaps short tempered.  How any small acts that fall short of holiness might appear beside a sinless maiden.
"Of what small spots pure white complains."

No, I would not trade.  Anne and Joachim were given their particular task.  And the grace to fulfill it.  I was given my particular task.  Mothers and Fathers battling sin raising children battling sin. And all the grace to fill it is God's gift to me.  Even on the days it doesn't feel like it. Such a high calling for ordinary families.


  1. Parenthood is always a joy and a trial isn't it.
    Thank you for this.

    "Little Mary, always sweet, always obedient, always kind."?
    She was human and revealed that in her anxiety when her young son was lost in the Temple and other ways.

    Like her and her parents we can only do our best.
    We do not have an impossible role-model.

  2. What a great post PM! I would not trade either.


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