15 Sep 2011

An Introduction...From the Heartland

Good morning and greetings from America's Heartland!

My name is Valerie, and recently I was invited by Jackie to become a contributing author here at the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers.  What an honor and a privilege to be asked to keep company with such deeply spiritual and courageously-active faith-filled Catholics! 

I have to admit...it's been a couple of weeks since Jackie read this post and offered up her invitation to me.  Since then, I have had a bit of writer's block...perhaps allowing the Deadly Sins of pride and sloth to interfere with me sharing my walk of faith!  I often allow my fear of "being wrong" to paralyze me, thus missing out on some incredible opportunities to share the richness of our faith with others...and to learn some lessons myself.  Believe me when I say, I'm striving to better display those holy virtues of humility and diligence!

Right now, the season of life that I am in is that of parenthood.  And while mothering is not my "whole person" it is a large part of who I am and what I feel most passionate about.  Thus, I will tend to post largely about the role of Catholic parenting.  And yes, I truly believe that as practicing Catholics, we do parent differently than our Protestant or secular mothering friends.

So, just a few "about me" facts...

I'm a born and raised Midwesterner.  Born in Ohio, raised in Missouri, living in Kansas.

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and a fiercely loyal fan...but have somehow managed to give birth to three "Jayhawkers".  :)

Find it Providential that after having attended Holy Infant Catholic grade school (St. Louis)...growing up, marrying, and struggling for years with infertility, my husband and I welcomed three beautiful children into our lives as members of Holy Family Catholic Church (Eudora, KS).

I graduated from the same Catholic elementary school as Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan of New York, albeit a few years after.  :)

I was "schooled" by Catholic nuns from Ireland.  They wore full habit while teaching us girls how to Irish Dance.  We were Dancing with the Stars of the local nursing homes in St. Louis, but never managed to look like Riverdance!

After living for nearly 20 years in Kansas City, I have finally learned to like LOVE barbeque!

I am a lover of the ocean...even though I think of myself as a child of the prairie.

I love both Vienna Sausages and Ramen noodles, but I have to eat them in secret as they disgust my husband!  ;)

I have been a fire fighter's wife for nearly 18 years.

Tonight, I am both honored and privileged to sponsor a young lady as she receives the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Kailey is both babysitter and friend to our family and a blessing in our lives!

Lover of both the sunflower and wheat fields of Kansas.

Developed a love for writing in the 2nd grade.  I wrote the text for "chapter" books about horses...my girlfriend was the "illustrator". We were never published.  ;)

Loves to bake desserts and make appetizers.  Struggles to prepare from-scratch "meals"...you know, just the all-important in-between stuff!

Strives everyday to be the best possible mother and wife I can be trying to "raise little saints" and get us all to Heaven!

Looking forward to actively reading and participating with all of you. 

In Christ,



  1. What a joyful blog. Nice to meet you. :)

  2. Val,
    I like to see how you describe yourself. You are a great Catholic woman of God.
    In Him,


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