Hello everyone,

I am writing to let you all know that we are at 49 authors!  This is a very exciting thing for Association of Catholic Women Bloggers!  We get emails quite often from Catholic women who would like to contribute to the site, and I wish we could accept everyone who asks, but Blogger sets the limit at 100, and we are half way there!

If anyone knows of authors who no longer contribute, authors who have stopped blogging all together, please let me know, like any good gardener knows pruning is the best way to make things bloom!



  1. As a former admin and founding member I should like to know who you've turned down and why? Jackie and I were not judgemental and I can't tremember of turning anyone down

  2. I think Patricia was envisaging a time when we would be oversubscribed! God-willing..thanks Marion & Patricia for all your support...

  3. Marion I am so sorry you thought I have deleted anyone, excluded anyone or eliminated any of the existing authors. But the group is growing, we have three new authors coming on broad, and as Jackie points out there will be a time when we do meet capacity than what do we do?

  4. Start a Second Blogg of course! Thanks for clarifying

  5. I have never heard of this group...I would very much like to be does that happen?!


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