19 Mar 2012


Dear friends, Jackie and I have been considering a prayer sharing element so that we can offer prayers for each others needs.
I'm not very good technically so the new side bar gadget is the best I could devise , if anyone can find a widget or gadget that would allow us to add our petitions to a roll below the picture please give it a try! This Blogg is a co-operative of equals and our only rule is Caritas.
Jackie suggested I give my email for you to send special intentions too and I will then add a daily summary for us all to use as a guide. I'm more than happy to do so .
so email m.bankswilkinson@btinternet.com with your specific intentions, but we can all pray for each other anyway.
I'm exploring the idea of writing and having approved a specific prayer so any ideas for that would be gratefully received
St Joseph seemed an ideal choice as intercessor but if anyone has other ideas please let me know.
So I now give you our first intentions list,

Of Your Charity Please Pray for:-

Nick, that he return safely from duty in Afghanistan.

Dear St Joseph, please present our prayers to God.
Trusting in the Holy and Undivided Trinity
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Thy Will Be Done O God, Amen

Today is dedicated to St Joseph so it seems an excellent day to begin this cicle of prayer among our members.


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