Do Not Forget Him

'Think often of God, by day, by night, whatever you are doing,
in your duties, even in your amusements.
He is always near you and with you.  Do not neglect Him.
You would think it rude to leave a friend, who came to visit you, alone;
why then leave God alone?  Do not then forget Him,
think about Him often - to do so is the proper business of a Christian:
if we do not know our calling, we must learn it.'

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Painting:  Charles Allston Collins, Convent Thoughts 


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    1. Thanks, Melanie. And I love the painting at the top of the sidebar... it looks wonderful there :), and speaks volumes to me!

    2. okay- opinion-do I shrink to fit or leave it large

    3. As I see it on my screen tonight, it looks exactly the size of the paintings below, and I think it's perfect.


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