Getting to the New, Healthier You... By Way of Route 66!

So, where you heading?
Route 66 sign_wikipedia
Well, now that we’ve entered into the season of Lent, my attention once again has come back to the matter of ”habit”, especially as I was contemplating our call to enter back into the “desert” -- to be transformed -- as we now venture into our 40-day journey, full of hope, confident of what lies ahead -- and of where we shall arrive Easter morning.
But as a dietitian, my goal for this post is not to focus on actual Lenten practices at this time, but more-so to focus here on this matter of transformation as it directly relates to health & wellness [in body, mind, & soul, of course]… which then brings me back to the topic of “habits” – habits that include our way of eating & of moving.
After all, our habits also send us on a journey...

[above image of Route 66 sign source: Wikipedia]


  1. Hello! Looking forward for your next post. Hope you share some healthy recipe for this coming lenten season. :)

    health and wellness


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