Story of a Soul of God

By a most unusual of circumstances, which is usual in my life, I ended up living in the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge Ma. I ended up there to translate the Divine Mercy material into Spanish, which I had already started while living in Mexico. I lived in Mexico from the first day of my homelessness.
That’s another story altogether.
As I was furiously translating the first book, one of the Marian Fathers came in holding a photo, of what seemed to be a painting I had done of St John Vianney. I really don’t know 1456027_669906379707228_1685016450_nhow father ended up with that photo. No one there knew my past career as a professional artist. Without letting me see that photo, he showed me a large page illustration of a mural from Portugal of stunning power, even as it was in a black and white very old piece of paper.
Father asked me if I could paint that picture. Completely flabbergasted of how could he possibly have known that I could paint, I blurted out : “yes father, I can do that”.

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