God’s Rx: Are you taking it as prescribed?

As a wife and mother of two children working outside of the home, I am always asked how I manage to find time to pray. Add flu season, quick jaunts to the doctor and pharmacist a couple of times a week, and it’s daunting.

Recently, my youngest, Gabriel, was sick with an ear infection. He gets these often enough to know the routine of the in-and-out visit and his favorite “bubble gum medicine” being magically sent to the pharmacist for pick up.

After a few days, Gabriel always ends up feeling better and our world goes back to the break-neck speed I can handle. This last time, I forgot a dose and mentioned it to him.

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Gabriel assured me it was ok because he was feeling better and probably didn’t need it. I quickly explained the need to take medicine exactly as it’s prescribed by the doctor. “Just because we feel better, doesn’t mean we stop taking medicine, Gabriel”.  Can you see my finger wagging? He nodded like the little man he is (did I mention, he’s 6 years old?).

I realized in that moment, how what I said applies to prayer life. How easy is it to pray to God in supplication, with requests and intentions for you or your family? When the kids are bouncing off the walls and you want to scream, but instead all you can manage is “God, please, please help me!” I do it, certainly. I always turn to Him when my life or circumstance isn’t what I want or think I need. What about when my marriage and relationships with others are in a good place? Do I pray then, or do I forget, because I have nothing to ask for? 

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