How Would We Act If We Really Believed?

When I visited the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City, I stood outside taking pictures before Mass on Saturday evening. I heard runners approaching from my right and looked up to make sure I wasn’t in their way. I saw a crowd of shiny green uniforms running towards me. I had heard that the US Women’s soccer team was playing the Mexico Women’s soccer team, and I smiled as I realized that I was catching a glimpse of the celebrities. I humbly watched as trainers, coaches, and players stopped and genuflected in front of the Cathedral. Read more here...


  1. What a gorgeous blog you have, Kate! I hope readers here will click over to see your stunning photography.

  2. There are many questions I have as a non-Catholic, and a writer. Perhaps you and your readers can assist me. I recently wrote an article at Bubblews with a question on the wearing of rosary beads as jewelry. Thank you and your readers, in advance, for your assistance.


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