Do You Have the Gift of Writing?

I was recently asked to contact a young woman who was attempting to write a book. The request came from a friend whose life in the church has resulted in her path begin crossed with a whole lot of people from all walks of life with all sorts of varying gifts, talents, and calls.

In particular, I was told that the young woman had an “emerging gift of writing” which is why I was asked to meet with her and help in her discernment process. This “emerging gift of writing” is something, according to the friend who made the request, which is happening more and more often in the lay populace.

I agree.

I’m receiving more and more requests from people—everyday people who live their lives as nurses, mothers, engineers, government employees, teachers and even priests—who feel they are being called to write and would like me to help assess if this is a real call or just a wild goose chase. Catholics are on-fire for their faith in a new way and with that fire comes a wish, desire and even a need to bear fruit for the kingdom.

If you have begun to wonder if you, too, have the emerging gift of writing, it might be time to examine that idea more in-depth.


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