What's Love Got to Do With It?

Like many others out there in the Catholic blogosphere, I have been rocked by the Supreme Court decision last Friday.  I really never realized before how much it would rattle me.  The victory call of "Love has won!" aggravated me.  What did love have to do with it, really?  The decision was not one of love, true love did not ever enter the equation.  We have lost our sense of love.  We confuse attraction for love, excitement for compatibility, and sexual pleasure for commitment.  However, when we got down to the nitty gritty of the law, we realize that our society has forgotten love and what true, unending, unfailing, sacrificial love is.

Are there same-sex couples who are loving and devoted to each other?  Surely there are.  Just as a deep friendship is a love that two share.  The truest definition of love is God.  He loves not only be complete surrender of Himself for good, but also by Creation.  God loves all people, He rejoices in the creation of each new soul no matter how imperfect.  The problem is not that all are not to be loved, that some should not experience love, nor that pursuit of happiness should not include love.  The problem is how do we define love and the realistic and legal implications of creating laws based on feelings and desires instead of the common good.  Even if you argue that the redefinition of marriage is for the common good, consider for a moment the flood gate that is opened by basing a culture on the chemical reactions of attraction--who is to say now what is right and wrong?  I see this as right because of my feelings of joy, therefore it cannot be wrong.

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