Focusing on Pope Francis: Three-Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

“Take note: if the Church is alive, she must always surprise.
It is incumbent upon the living Church to astound.”
I will never forget the words I heard at the EASTER VIGIL on 30 March 2013 during the homily of Pope Francis at the Vatican Basilica. His words surprised me and gave me a glimpse of his own, inner spirituality.
The pope understands Christianity is a vibrant relationship with the Living God.
Yes, Catholicism has dogma, teachings, rules with roots back to St. Peter but rules to not define our faith.  A Catholic is a son of God The Father,  a brother to Christ and a person whose constant companion is the Holy Spirit. This is not a static life, a routine of monotonous prayers and ritual. Ritual is merely a way to interact with the Living God who constantly draws us closer to His heart.


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