The Most Crucial Deficiency of All! …Plus: “The 12 Things Christ Did For Us On The Cross”

"The lack of faith is one of the greatest tasks that the devil seeks to accomplish in individuals… A lack of faith at any degree…” –Fr. Wade Menezes [Homily 10/9/2015]
These words recently spoken by Fr. Wade led me to wonder… Just how lacking am I? 
To what degree of deficiency could I be suffering from? 
After all, with all the concern for vitamin & mineral deficiencies in our world of today — concern for the lack of sufficient nutrients needed for good health and life, and to fight against disease and that which robs us of being all we’re meant to be — could we be overlooking the most important deficiency of all? ...
“We have to make an act of the will... Faith does not rely on the passions, emotions, and feelings..."


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