The Sacrament of the Present Moment

The Mass to inaugurate the Year of Divine Mercy had been prepared by the parishioners with the help of the curate and a group of the Sisters of Mercy. The readings, the psalms and the prayer had all been chosen to echo the overall theme of asking God to give his loving mercy to all those present and to the whole world that would be lost without it. The visiting preacher came straight to the point. “Why waste your time praying for God’s Loving Mercy,” he said. “Whether you pray for it or not,  his  Loving Mercy has been sent out, is being sent out, and will continue to be sent out whether you pray for it or not. Why not save your breath to cool your porridge, or rather save your breath to pray rather that we will receive it!” 

You do not need to go anywhere other than where you are to find the treasure that we all, deep down desire more than anything else. It is not just any love, but the love from which all other love has its origin, being made available here and now to everyone, who is prepared to give the daily space and time in which to learn how to receive it. This work will not take you away from your husband, your wife your children or any of your family, it will help you to love them more deeply and more dearly than ever before. Nor will it take you away from your work, it will enable you to work better and treat your work mates better than you did before.
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