It's all in the Trying

The Curé d'Ars said that, “All that we do, without offering it to God, is wasted,” and he is of course right, but it must be emphasized that the Morning Offering isn’t a magic formula. It does not automatically transform the forthcoming day, that’s why something further is required.  My mother told me that after she had made her Morning Offering she would spent a few minutes reviewing the day ahead and making a few resolutions that would enable her   to try and consecrate every moment of the day to loving God directly in prayer , and indirectly  to loving our neighbours through all we say and do. It might be to do humdrum tasks that we keep putting off, like changing the sheets on the bed, putting air into the car tires, defrosting the freezer, or something that’s more important. There’s always that friend or relative who’s sick or in need, who we should ‘phone, or write to, or even visit for a few minutes. Alternatively, perhaps we should make a resolution to apologize to one of the family, a friend, or someone at work, for the way we behaved towards them the previous day.  .... read on


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