10 Things Happy People Wish You Knew...

I have been listening to a podcast on and off for about a year.  In it, there is one host and three co-hosts. Of the co-hosts, I have noticed that there is one who is particularly happy. She is always willing to say, “Yes, absolutely, I love that idea!!!” She is positive and she brings something- a spunky sense of humor, perhaps?- to the podcast that, frankly, the other co-hosts do not.  The difference between her and the other co-hosts is simple. She is happy.  She also happens to have an incredibly blessed life, and she isn’t constantly on the defensive like many unhappy people I have known or heard on TV or other podcasts.

I try to be a happy person... *whatever that means.* If I could write a post dedicated to the way she inspires me (and other people), here is what I would say:

10 things happy people wish you knew

1. Don’t make excuses for your mistakes. Own them.  When you make a mistake, you can stew and brew, or you can shake it off, with full knowledge that - ha! - everyone rolls a bad stone. Everyone has been where you are, and everyone will, at some point in the future, be where you are. Just buck up, say you’re sorry, and move on!

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