Easter Eggs, Easter candle, and Easter Joy

A few weeks before Easter, my mom melted beeswax in a coffee can lid. Then she dipped a straight pin inserted in a wooden matchstick into the wax and quickly made strokes on eggs the way her Polish mother taught her. The eggs sat in coffee cups overnight, soaking in vivid colors of Chick Chick dye. Then Mom scraped off the wax with a butter knife, revealing lovely white patterns. Eggs are associated with Easter because they are a symbol of life. A chick pops out of a seemingly lifeless egg. And Jesus emerged from a tomb with a new and glorious life. His rising was more than resuscitation. Jesus came forth from the tomb no longer bound by space or time but with an entirely new mode of existence. More than 500 people saw him. Other Easter symbols stand for new life: the prolific rabbit, the rising sun, and spring flowers. Click to continue


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