Patron Saint of Missing Socks, Pray For Us

People’s mouths drop open and their eyebrows shoot up when they discover I raised nine kids because I am tiny and do not look like a worn out, frazzled wreck. God has blessed me with a gift of joy which defies my circumstances. Mothering came naturally to me; it was easy to look like a saint on the outside as I mothered nine little people. 
The trouble was, although I looked like I lived a life of self-denial, losing myself to give life to others, I tended to over control. I depended on my strength to get through the overwhelming chores which were part of running a household of eleven.

 In all honesty, though, the only chore which actually threatened to kill me as a mother of a large family was the laundry, specifically pairing all the socks.


  1. I think socks should be sold in threes rather than in pairs. That way we would have a better chance to find two socks that match. I wrote to sock manufacturers suggesting this idea, and explaining that in fact they would sell 50% more socks that way, thus increasing their profits. I wrote them THREE letters which were all ignored.

    God bless.


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