I Stole a Grape and Broke the Law

"I haven't broken the law in 20+ years." The message was meant as a joke to a friend, and I smiled as I wrote it. Even as a joke, I wanted to be truthful in what I was saying though, and I paused, mentally checking off a list, to be sure it was true before I hit send.

I paid my taxes - check. I didn't throw garbage on the street - check, and I certainly hadn't killed anybody - check.

I went through my day, starting around 5:00 AM. I begin by snuggling into my couch, for a few minutes of "Coffee with Jesus," reading a small piece of the Bible and journaling about what I've discovered. Too often lately, I've skipped "Coffee with Jesus" to work on other things as if they are more important or more urgent. Sometimes I get distracted by email or social media. Usually I write a Single Mom Smiling or Right Path Life Coaching blog post. Coffee with Jesus may not look productive, but my stress levels definitely differ when I take a few moments to remember who I am and who He is each morning. I need to make that a priority, but skipping it isn't exactly breaking the law.

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God Bless...


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