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Today’s saint has quite a long story.  I hope you enjoy it!

Saint Brigid:

Many 100’s of years ago Saint Brigid was born in Ireland.  The year was 452. Her mother was a Christian slave baptized by Saint Patrick;  her father, a pagan chief. Thus when Brigid was born, she too was a slave.  When you are a slave, you must do whatever your master tells you to.  At any time your master may decide to sell you to another family and you must go–most likely never seeing your own family again!  Before Brigid was born her mother was sold to another pagan man.  Luckily for Brigid, she was able to stay with her mother for her first ten years of life. Stories about her growing up are filled with her being a pure and holy child.  She fed the poor and also healed the sick.  One time she gave away all of her mother’s butter that she had stored up.  Later, after Brigid had prayed, the storage area was miraculously refilled with butter.
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