Catechism Week 1

I am so happy to announce that this week started our first week of Sunday School at our church. I am teaching the 4th grade class and I am super excited that I have a class of awesome students who are excited to learn about the Word of God! So as this is my first time teaching I would like to share it with all of you and get your feedback.
Lesson 1 - Luke 16: The Parable of the Rich man.
So one of the key lessons I wanted my kids to learn from this story is the idea of privileged. How do you teach privileged of a class of fourth graders!  I did some research and figured that showing the kids that life is not fair would be a good place to start.
I wadded up a bunch of paper and made them stand in line and try to get them to make all of the papers in the basket. Of course the kids in the back complained and the children in the front said nothing. This fact went completely unnoticed by the class.
This was actually based on a lesson for high school students that I modified for my class, you can find the original link here .
By asking them to figure out the following they were able to grasp the concept


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