Divorce: Persecution, Testimony, Justice, & Love

B&W Tree - Baronness of divorceDivorce is a brokenness that reaches into the very soul of the individual, the family, and society itself. Divorce devastates financial security leaving women and children destitute, increasing unemployment, poor performance in school, behavioral issues, and homelessness. Divorce increases suicide in men, powerless to protect their families from destruction. No one is immune to persecution in divorce, especially innocent spouses and children.

The temptation to sink into the anger, bitterness, and hatred of betrayal can be overwhelming. The warmth the heat of those emotions produces pulls us in, drawing us ever closer like a moth to the flame or a traveller to a blazing hearth on a cold winter night, but warmth from the fires of hate is not warmth for the soul.

It is a pull toward living hell.

Hell is hot. Souls there suffer burning flames for eternity. Perhaps this is a result of actions committed and words harshly spoken, but I would guess many are also there simply for drawing too close to the warmth of hate without even realizing it. The heat of hateful gossip, angry stares, and wishing ill on an ex takes the focus off our own pain and wishes it on someone "more deserving."

But maybe persecution in divorce is a blessing.

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God Bless...


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