Marriage, Divorce, Life, & Meeting the King of the World. What's the Point?

King of the World's Crown
I don't know anyone who gets married with the intent to divorce. I'd say no one does, but in today's world where right is viewed as wrong and wrong as right, I'm not 100% sure that's true. I will go out on a pretty sturdy limb though to say very few get married with the idea that divorce is a possibility, never mind a certainty or even a probability.

Yet, divorce happens.

Divorce rates are climbing. This is in part due to no fault divorce brought about by women's lib and the best of short-sighted intentions, but it is not solely the fault of no fault divorce or the court systems, the media, or even the betraying spouse. Fault does not lie with the innocent spouse either. Many know from experience that there can be one who hoped to make marriage work despite increasingly overwhelming odds. Many know from experience that one partner can choose to love while another chooses to turn away.

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