The Meaning of God’s Secret Plan - Preparing for Christmas 2016

I want to let you into a secret. It is the secret of sanctity, and St Paul was the first to pen it. It is simply this, “God’s power works most perfectly in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). That is why God always seems to choose the wrong person for the job, the person who appears to be unfit-for- purpose. Take Abraham and his wife as a case in point. He was a ‘not-fit-for-purpose, hundred years old’ and his wife was eighty, yet he was chosen to become the father of God’s chosen people. Moses had a speech impediment, yet he was the one God chose to be his spokesman before Pharaoh. The strippling David was chosen to fell the giant Goliath. The whole point of God choosing someone who we would think unfit-for-purpose, was to make it quite clear that it is not this man’s potency, or that man’s eloquence, or this boy’s strength that triumphed, but God’s power working through human weakness.  read on...


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