Trust Me. It's More than Just a Nice Story!

Who do you trust? Your mother? Your father? Your children, spouse, neighbor? Your girlfriend's brother's cousin's friend? Do you trust an ad on tv or a product endorsed by a celebrity? How about what you read online?

Who can trust you and why? When you give your word or say that you'll do something, do people believe you? How do you know? Do you look them in the eye, extend a firm handshake, or write up a contract? After agreeing, do you back out, come up with excuses, or simply forget? How does that affect how others view your trustworthiness?

In Marriage, more than in almost any other human relationship, trust is vital...
To finish the rest of the post on recovering from betrayal in Marriage and in learning who and how to Trust, please join me at Single Mom Smiling.
God Bless...


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