You Don't Have the Right to be Happy, BUT...

Pink. Sunday's advent candle was pink. In a house full of boys, pink stands out. Pink is rare. Pink is welcome. Pink is often part of my wardrobe in some form or another. Maybe it's found in my sweater, maybe in my accessories, or maybe in my socks where only I know it's there, but I am usually wearing pink something, somewhere, somehow...

Pink in Advent

And the third Sunday in Advent always makes me smile. In a wreath dominated by purple candles signifying both repentance and royalty, the pink candle stands out. It stands alone. It burns brightly surrounded by the others, a flame lit by the same hand that lit the others' this flame attracts the eye simply because of its difference. Pink is the sign of Gaudate Sunday, a sign of Joy beyond mere happiness. It is a Joy understood by a few and longed for by all.

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