Climate Change Continues

Climate change is still in the news. So is a growing crack in an Antarctic ice sheet, and a Ladybird Book co-authored by England's Prince Charles.

The book, "Climate Change," is a Ladybird Expert Book: written with adults in mind....

...This post has an afterword, mostly my take on climate change and being human....

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.


  1. This may come as a complete shock to some folk in the US of A but I will try to put this as gently as possible. In 1707 the Parliaments of England and Scotland agreed to merge their countries and form one, new country to be called the United Kingdom. Since 1707 England has ceased to exist as a sovereign, independent state. So Prince Charles is a Prince of the United Kingdom, not just one part of it. Calling Prince Charles 'England's' is like calling President Trump 'New York's'. What would be the reaction of Americans if a British commentator this afternoon referred to Donald Trump as New York's new President?


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