Nearer the Dawn Now in Paperback

Due to popular demand ("popular demand" being defined here as incredible pressure from friends and family), my Catholic novel Nearer the Dawn is now available in paperback.

If you prefer Kindle, it is on sale for just 99¢. And, as usual, all net profits from both Kindle and paperback sales go to charity.

This book arose from a question I asked myself: What would an atheist do if he witnessed a miracle?

The synopsis: What if you had everything the world could offer yet were still dissatisfied? Frank Devore has it all: international fame and a billion dollar fortune. None of it, however, can save his fatally ill daughter, Audrey. But when Audrey is astonishingly cured through the simple touch of a mysterious young woman, Frank searches for answers--and is enmeshed in a battle between an angel and a demon in which the lives of thousands are threatened.

For ages 13 and up.


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