Lent Lessons from a Little Known Woman

Last week I found lessons for us in the life of Zacchaeus. Because I’m so engrossed in the people of the New Testament after writing that book about them, this week I’m reflecting on another one, Salome, to see what she can teach us as we near the season of Lent. Salome was the mother of the apostles James and John. Since John is reputed to be about nineteen when he followed Jesus, Salome was likely in her thirties when she decided to follow him too. Lesson one: Give up things to draw closer to Jesus. Sure, James and John left their boats and nets, but Salome left her husband, Zebedee, and her house to wander the roads with Jesus. She was so taken with this new preacher that she wanted to be with him every day. (Of course, this way she could also be with her sons!)  What can we give up this Lent in order to be with Jesus? A few minutes of sleep, rising early for morning prayers? Time in front of the TV or computer in order to go to Mass and receive Jesus in Communion? Reading novels so instead we have time to spend with Jesus as he comes in the distressing guise of the poor?  Click to continue


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