My name is Lori!

Hello, everyone! My name is Lori Doerneman. I am new to this amazing association and Melanie invited me to introduce myself.

I live in Goddard, Kansas. My husband, Russ, and I have been married for almost thirty years.
We have eight children and I write to make sense of the crazy!

Our oldest son, Eric, has joined me in a ministry to educate parents about how to talk to their children about porn before first exposure. Sadly, I didn't realize this child of mine had been viewing porn until he was totally addicted to it.
The good news, he is out and is now working with me to prevent other families from going down that road. Because we are entering the territory of satan, we crave your prayers.
I have a daughter playing basketball at a small Christian college (I grow very large children) and a son in his second year at seminary.
I have one son in high school and four in grade school, including a little girl we adopted when she was four.

My son and I spoke on porn at a COLLEGE in January. Their response was tremendous and so I decided to write an entire series on getting out of porn for that age category.
I am in the middle of the six-part series. Here is today's link: Get out of Porn, Part 3: Love vs Lust.

Because my recent subject matter is pretty heavy, I do tremendous self-care! I consecrated myself to Our Lady, I pray the rosary often and I have recently fallen in love with The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows.

I love being Catholic and I am so glad to be part of this group!


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