So, HOW Do We Live in the Love of Christ?

Most of us are stuck in egocentricity; we see the world as if it is revolving around us because we live as if we are the centre of our tiny universe. Since few of us stand with our fellow believers praising Christ, the only true centre of the entire universe, few of us are living in reality. We are blinded by pride which prevents us from receiving Divine love.
After confessing egocentricity, an Augustinian’s solution to my spiritual dilemma was a simple prayer. Rather than allowing me to wallow in negativity bemoaning my weaknesses, he instead gave me an ejaculatory prayer, in the tradition of St. Augustine, who loved the short prayers of the early Christians. It was a prayer which simply raised my spirit to God.
“Jesus, I love you; possess me.”
It was a brilliant way to bring me into reality, to see again what is most important in life. It opened my heart to love, God's love for me, my love for God and love for God’s people.


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