Rote Prayers: Do They Serve a Purpose?

Here’s my confession: I have never been good at memorizing rote prayers, beyond the basics. My prayer life, historically, has been one of a free-flowing style, telling God what is on my mind. Within my prayer life, I seek His direction. Yet, I never said rote prayers beyond the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. That was, until one day, after having a serious conversation about prayer with a priest friend of mine.

The Value of Rote Prayers

Father Benjamin helped me to see the value of rote prayers, as well as their importance. When we can’t find the right words to communicate our feelings, rote prayers rescue us, and assist us in opening our hearts to the Lord. For months prior to this conversation with Father Benjamin, I had been... Read more... 


  1. I am a retired Catholic School teacher and for all of those years, I taught the rote prayers to my students. By teaching the rote prayers, breaking them down so little ones can understand what each word, phrase and sentence means, it helped me to understand what I am saying to God. I still have daily conversations with God but before I sleep each night, I go to my rote prayers - Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Fatima Prayer. I feel such peace that I fall asleep quickly.

  2. Hi Ellen: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with rote prayers. By saying the Rosary daily now, I, too, am coming to know Mary better, and that was my goal.


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