The Defenders is Decent, But Mildly Disappointing

I'm not really a comic-book geek or anything, and yet I admit that I was fairly excited for the Netflix original “The Defenders” series to premier. Mostly I think I was just hoping for some more of the material I loved in the “Daredevil” series, and hoping for none of the cheesiness that I very much didn't love in the “Iron Fist” series.

As for the two other characters featured in “The Defenders,” we never watched “Jessica Jones” after hearing that there was a scenario in it that totally condoned abortion and would have really pissed me off; and “Luke Cage” we tried but didn't get through a whole episode before deciding that it just wasn't appealing enough to go back to.

So, as excited as I was for “The Defenders,” I wasn't quite sure what to expect... Continue Reading


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