Day 1 Quitting Smoking

So as of 3pm it will have been 24 hours without a cigarette! Everyone has been so encouraging and because of that I want to document my experience for the reality of what it is. One thing I did not expect was to wake up at exactly 12 hours without (3am-ish), with a runny nose and sore muscles. At that point it was the first  affirmation of quitting because these are symptoms of withdrawal. Which is disgusting, I had forgotten how nicotine is a drug! Silly me, I thought this would be easy! I have been super rude and irritable to my close friends and family which is super selfish of me. So Sorry Everyone! Especially my poor husband! I have probably already thrown too many nic-fits! The other gross thing is that my sweat smells like tar (patches probably don’t help)! I am actually sweating out toxins! I have been using clove oil and bergamot oil (which are available in my shop), on my hands to help fight the cravings and will be using them for a detoxifying shower wash which I can’t wait to share later! So almost 24 hours in and all I have done is complain.

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