The Morning Before Thanksgiving for the Divorced or Single Parent

It's the morning before Thanksgiving, and I was unprepared for the single parent melancholy that hit me the second I woke up.

This evening, my boys will go with their father. I will pick them up tomorrow afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner with my family so I know I am luckier than many single parents. That does not make it much less difficult or any less unfair that my children and I have to sacrifice because of choices my ex-husband made single handedly. It doesn't make it any less unfair that our happiness is continually sacrificed for his. I felt myself sinking into a bad case of the:


I wrote this piece in 2011, but it still applies today. Divorce has no earthly end, but there are always reasons to be thankful!

To read about what goes through the mind of a single mom in this holiday season, please join me at

God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving! 

Kerri Lynn


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