Speaking Up to Do God's Will

This week when the first reading at Mass was the story of the boy Samuel being called by God during the night, Fr. John Christman did not give the expected homily. Usually this story is a springboard for a vocation talk. Instead Father focused on the sequel to the reading. After Samuel replies to God, "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening," God gives him a daunting task. He is to tell the priest Eli, Samuel's beloved mentor, that his family would be punished because his two sons were blaspheming and Eli did nothing to stop them. The message of this reading on two levels is "Speak up!" Imagine how Samuel dreaded bearing the bad news to Eli. It would have been much easier to keep quiet. But Samuel did what God expected of him. He spoke to Eli. On the other hand, there is Eli's silence when he should have spoken up. That had dire consequences: his two sons were killed in battle and he fell over backwards, broke his neck, and died. Today some brave people are carrying out this message to speak up; others choose to remain silent. Click to continue


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