Last time I introduced you to Franz Stampfl, my athletics coach when I was a boy. When transposed from the sporting life to the spiritual life his teaching taught me more about how to progress spiritually than any spiritual director whom I have even known. I make no apology therefore for introducing you to further principles that I learnt from him in the hope that they will help you too.

Speed Training
A favourite principle that Franz instilled in his pupils  was called speed training. The theory is simply common sense. You may be wonderful with the ball at your feet or in your hands, you may have a brilliant backhand and a superlative smash, but if you do not get to the ball in time your skills will be superfluous. Speed training therefore is of the utmost importance in the spiritual life too. The difference between saints and ourselves, is not that we sin and they do not, but the speed with which they turn back to God to seek forgiveness.   read on.....


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