Like Athletes we Must Get Fit for Faith

I was so sorry to hear that my boyhood hero died recently. His name was Roger Bannister, or Sir Roger Bannister as he became later. I had seen him run several times, but sadly I wasn't present to see him break the record by becoming the  first man  to run a mile in under four minutes. When I did see the event on the news I was thrilled to see him fall into the arms of his coach  Franz Stampfl as he broke the tape. Franz was one of the world’s leading athletic coaches of the twentieth century. He was simply a genius who trained over three hundred and sixty Olympians. He was my coach too, because our sports master invited him to be our  athletic coach. It was from him  that I learnt far more than mere athletics. Although I did not realise it at the time, what I learnt from him was to help me immensely in my spiritual life later. .... read on......


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