Jesus Asks: What Do You Wish?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks the mother of James and John, what do you wish (Matt: 20:21)? Their mother asks Jesus to allow her sons to sit on Jesus’ right and left in the Kingdom of Heaven. This mother has a lot of moxie! In response, Jesus asks an additional question, directed at James and John: “Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink” (Matt 20:22)?

What do you wish?

I find the question, what do you wish, to be quite intriguing. If Jesus were sitting at a table across from you right now, and asked you that very question, how would you answer?
  • Some of you might respond by requesting material comfort, in the form of money and a cushy lifestyle.
  • Perhaps you might request power to rule over others.
  • Maybe you seek fame.
My hope is that you would dispense with these types of requests, and you might ask for any of the following: Read more...


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