Waiting for a Miracle - Book Review

Waiting for a Miracle, by Cyndi Peterson, M.D. is a story of faith, conversion of heart and a mother’s love, all wrapped up in one page-turning true story. Cyndi Peterson is a dermatologist, married to a pediatrician. She is a lukewarm Catholic, going through the motions. Too busy with the demands of the world, Cyndi paid little attention to faith and a relationship with Jesus. That is, until one day when that nagging emptiness became a bit much to take. To squelch the nagging feeling, Cyndi begins to sneak around trying to learn more about Jesus. She attends events at her Church, reads books and does some soul-searching.
As Cyndi’s faith begins to blossom, we see a conversion of heart. She begins to place more trust in Jesus.
Cyndi learns that she is pregnant and looks forward to the birth of her fourth child. However, when her little girl Kelly is born, we learn of Kelly’s debilitating situation that would break any mother’s heart. Yet, Cyndi finds hope and trust as a result of a trip to the town of Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is at Medjugorje that Cyndi witnesses miracles that deepen her faith.
How will she deal with Kelly’s genetic defect that will result in an untimely death for her child? Since both she and her husband carry the gene that results in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) what will happen if she were to get pregnant again? As a Catholic, placing full faith and trust in God, Cyndi and her husband leave ... Read more...


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