Feast of Mary Magdalene

Today we celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalene, a devoted disciple of Jesus. In the Gospel reading from John, we learn of Jesus’ appearance to Mary, upon His resurrection from the dead.
When Jesus asks, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom do you look for?” (John 20:15), it is because Mary is distraught since Jesus’ body is no longer in the tomb. At first, Mary does not recognize the glorified Christ; that is until He speaks her name. Only then, does Mary realize that she is standing before her Good Shepherd. As with sheep, who know their shepherd by hearing his voice, Mary knows deep in her heart that the man she addresses now, is the Risen Lord.

Mary Magdalene – Faithful Follower

Mary Magdalene, ever faithful to Jesus, was present at his death, at the foot of the Cross. As she approached Jesus’ tomb to complete the burial rites, once the Sabbath ended, she was also the first to see Him upon His resurrection. Her attentiveness to His needs, her desire to care for Him, always placed her near Jesus. Can that be said of you, or me? Do we care what Jesus needs? Do we have the desire to care for Him? Or, do we view it as ... Read more...


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