Want to Know God's Will? Seek Understanding!

Are you like me, always wondering if you are doing God’s Will, rather than your own? I want to do God’s Will.  However, I sometimes wonder how much of a spin I place on any given task by inserting my own thoughts and feelings into the situation. When I’m not sure, but feel a sense of unease, I seek understanding.

Seek Understanding

How do I know, for sure, that what I do comports with God’s Will? I pray about it. I ask God for insight. He has this way of answering me through others, as well as through His Word in Scripture.
Understanding, as a virtue, can be defined as the desire to know God better, as well as His revelation of Truth. When you know someone, and come to love that someone, then you want to act in a way that pleases that someone, in this case, God. We have the capacity for understanding God and His workings, as well as the ability to apply that comprehension to our daily lives. It’s just a matter of tapping into it. Read more...


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