I Never Stop Missing My Dad

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of my father. I never stopped missing my dad over these past twenty years. He was a quiet man of little words, but when he did speak, I would listen.
I learned at a young age, to not ask for my dad’s opinion, unless I really wanted it. You see, he kept things to himself, unless asked. I remember writing a fifth-grade essay, for which I was very proud of my efforts; so proud, that I asked my father to read it and tell me what he thought. Of course, he would love it because I thought it was so good. NOT! Oh, did he give me an earful of commentary. Humbly, I went away making the corrections. I don’t remember the grade for that essay, but I do remember the value I placed upon my father’s opinions. I treasure them. My dad’s words of wisdom greatly impacted my life. Today, I am a published author and editor of self-published manuscripts.

My Dad and His Words of Wisdom

From fifth grade on, I listened well to my father, and took his words of wisdom to heart, and they have served me well. May they do the same for you:


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