Opening Ourselves Up to God

These are the words from Exodus Chapter 32:7-14 we should hope to never hear God say:

“they have become depraved.  They have soon turned aside from the way I pointed out to them . . .” and “I see how stiff-necked this people is.”

If we do, I sure hope that we have someone like Moses standing up for us:

“Why, O Lord, should your wrath blaze up against your own people . . .?”

Oh wait, we do have someone—Jesus!

Not only can we say that Jesus stood up for us, but he also died for us.  He went through so much physical and mental anguish for us and yet we often act as if it were nothing.

Why, O Lord?

I’m not sure if the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus seems so distant from us, or if we just don’t believe it ever happened, or if we are too busy to notice, but for whatever the reason, too many of us go throughout our lives completely ignoring him.

We skip Mass (under normal circumstances) when it is a grave sin to do so.

We do not even try to practice virtue.

And we do not even consider the possibility that we will not be invited into heaven.

Too negative for you?

Yes, too negative for me as well, but it leads me to my point.  The joy of the gospel, the Good News, that salvation is open to all, does not give us an automatic ticket to heaven.

Of course we don’t have to earn heaven, but we sure as heck need to set our sights on it, and that can only happen when we turn toward God.

There are many, many people who do just that every day, and that is wonderful, but we do have to be concerned about those who do not.  Out of great love for our brothers and sisters, it is necessary for the message to continue being spread.

And that, we can do something about.

Like Moses, we need to implore God, asking him to “Remember your servants,” and we need to implore each other to respond.

During this season of Lent, let us open up our prayers for those who do not yet know God and speak personally about how transformative it is to be in relationship with him.

Janet Cassidy


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