Offer Our Suffering with Christ

These are very difficult times we are in right now. As the Coronavirus makes its way across the world, many people suffer from the symptoms: fever, cough and respiratory problems. The Coronavirus is similar to the flu, but deadlier. Anyone who has had the flu knows how bad the flu can make you feel. Add the fear of no remedy, treatment or vaccine, coupled with the ease of transmission that the Coronavirus offers and we are truly brought to our knees. It is at times like this that we can offer our suffering with Christ; uniting our suffering to Christ’s suffering on the Cross.

Suffering with Christ

The social distancing that we currently experience can make us feel isolated and lonely. No one is comfortable with such a lifestyle. We all want it to end quickly, so that we can get back to normal, or a “new normal.”
This whole experience is antithetical to how God created us. He created us to be social beings; to live in community with each other. So, when called to stay at home, shelter in place, etc. this goes against all that is natural to us. And for that, we experience... Read more...


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