Are you Ready to be Changed?


The prophet in today’s beautiful passage from the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah (Chapter 18) was prompted by God to go down the street to the potter’s house to receive a message.

In doing so, he came across the potter working at his wheel.  Observing him, Jeremiah noticed that whenever his clay project didn’t turn out very good, he reworked the clay until the object in his hands pleased him.

You and I are like the clay in God’s hands.  If we submit ourselves to the hands of God, he will transform us. 

But here’s the catch—we need to be willing to allow him to do so.

In the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 13:47) we learn that the kingdom of heaven involves judgment.  A catch of fish results in a separation of the good from the bad.  The bad fish gets thrown away.

So is God a beautiful potter who transforms us into a thing of beauty, or a God of judgment who throws us away?

In Jeremiah we learn later on that it isn’t so much God throwing us away as it is us rejecting him in our unwillingness to be transformed.

Here’s how the people of Israel, represented by the clay, responded when God told them “Return, each of you, from his evil way; reform your ways and your deeds.”

“No! We will follow our own devices; each one of us will behave according to the stubbornness of his evil heart.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s the point. 

Right now, today, we can choose to be like clay in God’s loving hands, allowing ourselves to be transformed, or, we can ignore him and go on “according to our stubbornness.” The reality is, when judgment day comes, we will be sorry if we choose the latter.

As children of God, we have potential for greatness.  Our lives are in process.  Whatever you are struggling with today—whatever you want to change about yourself—turn it over to God.  I’m not saying this will be easy, because letting go never is, but God has the power to do this work in you if you allow him.

Wouldn’t you rather be the transformed clay than the bad fish that was thrown into a bucket?

Come judgment day, you are the one who leaves God no choice but to judge you justly, according to your actions.  I would think that would be motivation enough to submit yourself to God today and allow him to begin your transformation.

Janet Cassidy (podcasts)


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