Anger is Unproductive


Have you ever noticed that getting angry does not solve the problem? In fact, it most likely exacerbates the problem. Tensions rise and nothing gets resolved.  Therefore, anger is unproductive.

Anger is Unproductive

Anger disrupts the peace. It serves no good purpose. That is why it is considered one of the seven deadly sins, and therefore intrinsically evil. Anger also is a violation of the Fifth Commandment because anger laced upon someone else diminishes the dignity of the recipient. For anything that reduces the value of another is a violation of the Fifth Commandment. For examples, forms of anger like hatred, vindictiveness, resentment, revenge, and racism all violate the Fifth Commandment. These forms of anger have become pervasive in our society, which may explain the heightened divisiveness that we now all experience.

Love is Productive

Love is the emotion that is the antithesis to anger. It is both a fruit of the spirit and a virtue. With love, we... Read more... 


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