Help! I’m miserable!


I’m kind of big on gratitude.  I feel like when the chips are down, gratitude has the power to lift us up.  I know that’s not the true spirit of gratitude, but it is definitely a byproduct of it.

The true spirit of gratitude that we should aspire to is being thankful for every blessing God has given, all the time.  It’s nice that it can lift us up, but to be grateful “just because” is really our aim.

Knowing that God is close to us, loving, guiding and providing for us, brings hopefulness as an added benefit to gratitude.

We, then, are not only thankful, but we have reason to hope.  Without God, our hope may seem a bit diminished, but it is not lost entirely, because even if we do not know or believe that God is with us, that doesn’t change the fact that he is.  Hope, waiting like a sentinel, stands at the ready.  

Does that make sense?

As we were nearing the end of Mass recently, something I’ve always known to be true, struck me in a new way.

If we can get to the point of being thankful—in advance—confident of the future blessings we will receive from God, that raises hopefulness to a new height. 

Our feelings of hopelessness are reduced, offset if you will, by our trusting anticipation of what God is going to bring, and believe me, God never disappoints.

And then there’s this: When you have moved through your present circumstances that are the cause of your troubles and the blessings you anticipated have arrived, you will be that much closer to God!


Because those doubts you entertained in the beginning will be outmatched by the experience you will have in this encounter with God.  The key is not to forget that it is God who, as they say, either allowed or directed all that you have gone through and all that you are enjoying today, because he loves you so much.

Look forward to what is to come, even if you cannot see it yourself at the moment.  Your encounter with God that is just around the corner, will be amazing, because if there’s one thing (person) you can count on, it is God.

Janet Cassidy

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