Passing the Word Along


My husband was out walking one day and stopped to talk to a neighbor.  He mentioned that we were looking for a quality contractor to do some work for us in our basement.  The neighbor gave us the name of someone she had used and was happy with their work.

When my husband told me about it, my response was “Yes, of course, we should call them!” because we knew what the neighbor had just been through with their own house and we knew how thorough she was in getting her work done.

As I was thinking about this, it occurred to me that this is how it should be for us, in faith.  We can be confident in the character of the apostles and those early disciples of Jesus who not only gave witness to him, but truthfully—and accurately—passed on the message of salvation.

We can trust their word.

You might say it is easier for me to believe in the neighbor I can see than Jesus who I cannot, but that shouldn’t be the case.  There are many things we believe based on what we have heard without our having firsthand knowledge of the person or events.

We can trust the biblical accounts.

When it comes to believing in Jesus, we rely on the accounts we read in scripture and that have been passed on to us through sacred Tradition.  This is the foundation of our faith—belief in the humanity and divinity of Jesus—and if doubts begin to take hold, everything begins to crumble.

Be steadfast in faith and hold tight to the reality of Jesus.  Trust in the Father with whom Jesus is one, and pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Janet Cassidy


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