Are You Being Silenced?

Here's a thought . . .

In today's reading from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 11 (verse14) Jesus drives out a demon that was mute.  As soon as the demon is gone, the mute person begins to speak and "the crowds were amazed."  The bigger discussion is centered around the power that brought out the demon and a house divided, but here's what struck me.

Perhaps, when we are silent (mute), we are cooperating with evil.  I'm not talking about someone who has a physical condition that prevents them from speaking, of course, but the rest of us who do not use our voices to speak up against the social issues of our time.

When we are silent on the evil of abortion, we are cooperating with evil.  When we are silent on immorality and shake our heads in agreement, we are cooperating with evil. When we hold up individuality as a higher good than the common good, we are cooperating with evil.

I could go on and on, but the point is, scripture shows us that it was the mute demon that caused the person to be silenced.  We should take note of this.

Janet Cassidy


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